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Are you a scholar, artist or do you simply have an opinion about something? If you have the guts and potential to speak up about this, we want to hear from you. POTENTIA brings practice and theory together, plays with art and crashes head first into materialism, sexuality and power relations. 

You have an opinion: now demonstrate in POTENTIA what you find meaningful and what connects you to the potential of life, theory and expression. POTENTIA is a magazine that offers knowledge without pretense, to show what we find meaningful through art, activism, academics, and any other form of action.

The first issue of POTENTIA launches in March 2011 at the University of York (UK), followed by international distribution. We present academic knowledge and art reinvented: the grotesque and potential within society and everyday life, but inclusive and accessible for everybody. Full color and 96 pages of content that have you hooked from the start.

Confirmed contributors: Academic staff from Utrecht University (NL), creative writing by writers from Wayne State University (MI, USA) and Agnes Scott College (GA, USA), scholars from the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht (NL), University of Manchester (UK), Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza (Poland), and artists from around the world.
Deadline details:

Send your proposal for an essay, feature or visual design (max. 300 word outline) before January 20th 2011 to . We’ll review all proposals and will get back to you on January 22nd with details on your contribution to POTENTIA. We welcome everybody who wants to show their potential, whether you are a scholar, professor, photographer, designer, model, artist or someone who wants to voice their opinion.

Read more online, on Facebook or on Twitter - or ask me about it.

Thank you for reading this, and hope to hear from you,


Nikki Dekker

Executive editor at POTENTIA magazine

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