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"Hello, this is K—— R—- [name is removed bc you all think it’s important to protect the oppressor and not the victims of a microaggression] and I am sending this message to girls I think might be interested in this idea and I would also love to hear your opinion on this. so I have this crazy idea but tell me what you honestly think. I want to start a sorority at smith (Delta Gamma/DG), which would basically just be an exclusive group for straight girls, a little friend group.. We would have sorority mixers with Amherst men, weekly dinner dates, weekly photoshoots where we would dress up nice, baking nights.. We would also get Sorority apparel (even Lily Pulitzer has the cutest DG stuff!) and we’d have traditions, like every wednesday we wear pink haha. I got this idea because personally as a straight girl at Smith, I feel marginalized and I feel like the minority, and I think this could be a really great way to socialize with people we identify more with at smith, and to meet more guys.. The first mixer is already plnned, wih the Amherst bball team this Friday (actually their idea!) What do you think? Also, plea let me know if you have friends who you.”

yes, because queer smithies don’t like photoshoots or dressing up or dinner dates or.. boys

Edit: this has been brought to the attention of the logic 100 professor. No, it’s not a prank. According to whoever emailed him, he was as horrified as the rest of us.

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    I’m honestly howling with laughter. It’s like hitting a wasp nest with another wasp nest tied to a wasp farm. No, better...
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    Fuck these people and their marginalizing bullshit. Nobody wants to be in your glass tower of heteronormativity and...
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    This is exactly how I would picture a straight girl group. Someone please tell this girl that she’s not marginalized...
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    Oh for fucks sake. That sound you hear in the background is the world’s tiniest violin.Someone is desperately in need of...
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    "As a straight girl at Smith, I feel marginalized and I feel like the minority"
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    oh my sweet jesus hahahha
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    such laug h whats withth al teh jokesters tonighht
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